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About Candid Red Studios

We love weddings! It gives us immense pleasure to be that pair of eyes that captures all the inconspicuous details which otherwise might go unobserved.

The bride’s nervousness, a mother’s silent prayer, a father’s proud eyes watching her daughter begin with her new life, the love in the eyes of a brother, the groom’s anxiety, and finally, the delightful calm the couple radiates after being reunited at the altar. Every small moment and expression is precious and we make sure to capture them in the most authentic manner.

Why Choose Us?

15 years down the line, when you will look back at your wedding day photographs, you should be able to recreate the day as it was, feel every emotion, and cherish every memory. That is our motto and that is what our candid wedding photography is all about. Observing a modern and editorial photojournalistic approach to storytelling, we capture your candid expressions and memories. We want that each picture we take should tell a story and we endeavor to portray this story in the most enthralling manner.

With years of experience and expertise, we have always aimed for perfection. We are confident about our portfolio and need no sponsor. We pitch in our deepest efforts into every single click and bring life into photographs.

We specialize in candid wedding photography. We ardently believe in capturing the real essence of the wedding by clicking all possible expressions of our star couple without making them pose in any stroppy stances.
Our only advice to all our clients is to let go all stress and worries and simply immerse themselves into the celebrations that unfold on their life-defining day. We are there to make sure that your invaluable memories are well captured so that they can be relived over and over again.
Being the most renowned candid wedding photographers in Chennai, we give a lot of importance to the needs and expectations of our clients. We are ready to trot the globe with you for capturing the precious moments from the most important day in your life.

An Eye for Detail

Even the tiniest detail can make or break a photograph. So having an eye for detail, and being meticulous when scrutinizing every single element to ensure cohesiveness, is very important in producing the perfect photograph.

Quality over quantity

We rigorously follow this principle in each and every frame that we capture. So no matter the quantity, we promise the utmost quality in every photo that we deliver to you.

Good People Skills

When photographing people, knowing how to take a good photo simply isn’t enough. We know how to interact with the subjects to make them feel at ease, get them to cooperate, or draw all the right emotions out of them.

More than
Happy clients
Vibin Kumar Founder and CEO of Candid Red Studios

Vibin Kumar

Founder & Director

Candid Red Studios started off as a one-man-band in 2015. Vibin Kumar B, hailing from Ooty, just like every other graphic designer, was caught up in the daily chaos until the “3 idiots” moment struck. With a flair for creativity along with a solid background in B.Tech Media technology, took charge with his brand new DSLR.

He started off by handling a few of his friends’ weddings. Lauds started pouring in for his knack in capturing the precious emotions. Seeing his stunning captures, people started hiring him to capture their candid moments. After a short stride through the wedding industry as a freelancer, he came up with the company Candid Red. The word Candid for the obvious reason, Red because of his obsession over the color Red. Everyone liked the sound of it and thereby the brand Candid Red Studios(CR) kicked off.

Candid Red is not only a mere combination of two words but, it’s a group of young creative enthusiasts going through the grind to hand over many cherished memories, encapsulated in the visual formats of imagery and videos. We are now a thriving team of 20 and still growing. We have done more than 1000 events and our accolades from the testimonials piled in our Facebook and Google page showcases the relationship we have with our clients and their delight.

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